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Lucca Comics & Games is held comic Tuscany, Lucca, animation, games (role-table, card games), as well as fantasy and science fiction, which focus on the show in October and November. This sector is the most important exhibition of Italian , first in Europe and second in the world after Tokyo Comiket.

In 2004 and based on events in Lucca, Lucca Comics & Games Limited, a company organized annually. Previously, the event was under the control of Lucca. Lucca Comics & Games president Renato Dzhenoveze Francheska director Caredio.

In recent years, Lucca Comics and Games and the world of comics and animation and other related activities. Lucca in 2008 and 2009 in the animated film dedicated to international competition. From 28 October to 1 November in the first year of the second row, Lucca Comics and Games, which was held from April 26 to 22. Lucca 27 years, until April 25, 2008, was devoted to a collection of rare books and trade.

In March 2012, Lucca cultural representative to oversee the job, a new image and Lucca Comics & Games Ltd, Lucca Comics Museum committee created and businesses. For Visite Comics & Games Choose a Luxury Villa For Rent In Lucca, for you best holiday. Organizers of the exhibition Rinaldo training, publications, and ten years since 1994, one of the curators, Lucca Comics and Games comics, comics, film, animation and illustration exhibition Exhibition Association characteristic image, because different people will have a title, he Expocartoon said Seamless who moved in Rome.

Lucca space between late October and early November the latest editions of the case of a 30, 000 square meters, is held every year, about 15,000. Members of all key stakeholders, as well as specialty stores, comics, including a growing number of recreational and cultural associations. During the fair market days, Leslie shows, in general, the authors of comedy and animation industry was introduced with cosplayer role in tournaments and concerts and meetings, including different activities and recreation.

Both Lucca Lucca Comics and global exposure and exposure to artists or works of great games titles routes can be found on the festival website. History renewable circumstances, including some of the old buildings and exhibitions Lucca.

In the tradition of Lucca Comics, it was decided to carry out in 1966, the second edition of the International Comics Show Bordighera (the first was held last year). In 1968 he tried (Romano) central iconographic research with the Creator in Shell cultural image Rinaldo training, University of Rome and its role as a leading organization, date of birth; other things, the purpose of the association, the twelfth edition of its activities for two years, it was decided to change the organization SaloneDopo 1976. On the twentieth anniversary of the city council in 1986, the seventh edition of the exhibition “Magic Lucca twenty years. Including costs for planned exposure led to the cancellation of publications (XVIII), in 1988 there were some problems, because he was able to secure short-term financial crisis.

In 1990, after the fall of the eighteenth century and complement the exhibition and regular events open to the public, with the return spring market. This year it was decided to submit a ticket for guests.